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2nd-Nov-2020 10:40 am - ♥♥ Welcome Post ♥♥
chii shadow

I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.

Ohayou Minna~~

Let me introduce myself...

Name:  Riryuu / Ryuu
Location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Interest : Hey! Say! JUMP & Softball ♥♥
|| NakaChii
♥ ||

I love having new friends.. demo, please introduce yourself first here ~~♥~~

Jaa,, yoroshiku ~~

19th-Nov-2012 08:33 am - Hisashiburi~~
chii smile
waaahh,, bosen yaa baca judul postingan saya ini. Tiap nge-post pasti judulnya "Hisashiburi~XP

Mohon maaf yaa.. maklum namanya juga mahasiswa tingkat akhir. Mulai fokus sama kuliah #eh *dari kemaren kemana aja buu??*
Fandom juga kadang sudah jarang saya sambangi. Postingan ini juga dibuat ditengah-tengah usaha saya bikin proposal tugas akhir. Aaaarrrggh.. kangen chinen & Yuto~~ #lho

Oh iya, long weekend kemaren juga sempet jalan-jalan sama sesama fangirl. Ureshii desu ne~~ seharian jalan-jalan mulai dari Candi Plaosan sampe terakhir terdampar di Bukit Bintang, Yogyakarta. Seruuuu!! ah, foto-fotonya kapan-kapan aja deh XD

cukup sekian dan terimakasih.
Salam asoy,
Riryuuchan desu
2nd-Dec-2011 08:56 pm - Helllppp!!!
chii jutek
long time no see.. campus life make me a 'lil bit crazy. But i just find the healing. eh, nani, nani, nani? They are YAOI things. Yupzz,, I don't know why i love that stuffs very much. The yaoi things can make my mind refreshing.
Recently I just read alot of yaoi manga. maybe I'll read more again next time.
I should have dinner now. ja ne~~ ^^
27th-Oct-2011 09:21 am - My fujoshi life's comeback
uuwaaaaaa~~ this all things drive me crazy!!! LOL
i feel tokidoki for some reason.. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2nd season 've energized me.. Hell yeah, forget some campus related ASSignment XDD

and now,, i've more excited after read some Sekai-ichi online comics.
29th-Sep-2011 11:14 am - This is my life for now
chii jutek
Hisashiburi ne minna~~
long time no see you all & I didn't post anything :p sorry...
Now, my life quite busy with practical work for this semester. I have 3 practical works. tsukaretta~~

minna tasukete~~ /dies

PS: maybe I'll rarely post here ^^
6th-Apr-2011 08:27 pm - Onakagasuita~~
chii shadow
nee minna~~ hisashiburi desu!!! 
really miss my lj.. but i don't know what thing i wanna share *tehee*
I'm really really busy right now.. I've my mid term for this two weeks.. please pray for me *ganbarimasuu!!* 
also can't wait for  Yan Yan Jump >_<

i'm in internet cafe right now,, this place hontou ni bukatsuku yo.. the speed irritating me.
maybe i must stay in the early morning at my campus to download everything XP

this's really short posting ne~
ja mata na.. 
25th-Feb-2011 09:33 am - it's so random
Key click!
hii minna~~ just want to spam some Lee Jong Hyun (C.N. Blue) pics XP
I don't know why I'm adoring him so much..

his smile so cute~~


the latest photo for C.N. Blue new album..

I think that's all.. gomen for unconvenient post :p
credits fuckyeahcnblue@Tumblr for all photos
ja ne~~
30th-Jan-2011 10:11 pm - Betsuni ;A;
chii shadow
Hmmm,, nothing to do. Since I lost my handphone a week ago, I felt lazy and lost energy to do anything..
But yeah, tomorrow I will do industrial visiting again to Surabaya & Bali.
I should be happy coz I can spend my holiday time with my friends :)
and of course, I'll hiatus again for a while..

see ya next time ^^
bai bai~~
4th-Oct-2010 10:55 am - Boredom (again)
Key click!
it's really really boredom since you're in campus didn't know what to do..
I just waited my downloading finish..

oh,, I also change some icons.. I don't know why I got bias with Hikaru maybe next time I'll change icons and banner with SHINee things *get drunk of kpop* TAEMIN ♥♥
for several days I've get addict with kpop.. SHINee's Taemin and Big Bang's awesome songs successfull enchant me.. Gomen HSJ~ that's because of Nakayama Yuma & NYC existence *run away*

I really hate leech. this morning I woke up because of leech. I was dream that I went to somewhere,, close to beach.. and I's walking in the swamp.. the swamp was full of leech and I got panic at that moment..  thanks got that just a dream *i don't want this kind of dream again*

OK,, back to my download things again..
bai~ bai~~
27th-Sep-2010 11:37 am - Tanjoubi Omedetou ^^
chii shadow
 Happy birthday for hibinoasami  
hope all of your dream come true & we can be good friends forever ^^

gomen,, just a quick post.. get busy with college's tasks  ganbareee~~
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